Kitty and Her First Husband’s Will

This is another installment in a series of posts about my ancestor Catherine James Bellamy James. You can read from the beginning here: Kitty James & Child Marriage. Lately, I've been working with a John Jacobi James researcher named Mary, who also happens to work in the Gallia County Genealogy office. Woo hoo! She reviewed …

Meat Wads

The alligator perched on a pile of magazines and the roof of Ava’s Barbie car, two of many islands in our basement. We discussed building a ramp to the broken window, but it was Ava who wadded up ground beef, lured the thing upstairs, and out the door.

the phone in the other

the phone in the other room rings once and refuses to carry your voice the phone in the other- world rings and rings without disturbing a soul   Fresh ink. This is my subversion of "thoughts & prayers." Constructive criticism welcome.