1. The tectonics shifted inside the cupboard next to my head. I don’t remember a click or a pop; I just knew that something in the air was different, like sadness entering a conversation through the threshhold of a word. Splinter. Freefall. 2. Broken. Pieces. Then glasses of all sizes flew around the room. No …


The Living-

there are black holes in the living- room, mostly beneath the furniture, but one is always underfoot the largest clings to the cotton knit blank- et though I’ve washed and shaken it out there are black holes in the living one naps beside the wandering night- stand sucking in the light that normally fills the …

Another Rain

I have yet to find a summer rain that falls on me like your gaze but each storm reminds me of you I hoist a cheap black umbrella only when the sky is cloudless only when the trees are thirsty only when the pavement is slick with sunlight

The Aniseed

a woman found an aniseed among some withered recipes inside: recumbent fantasies Of gray days swelled with ecstasy  

Fall Away

No one sees the sun the same some notice shadows     some the glow floating in between damask curtains lenses pinpointing the here     now     today maybe some regard its power as a threat fretting ultraviolet     infrared     gamma? mamas mostly     smearing white chemical wool over the backs of …