Corn Chip

I waited an hour after she left to deposit my junk food on our bed— orange foil pouches, green cylinders, rainbow candies in a bowl. They nuzzled me as I slept. But a maverick corn chip under her pillow gave me away.

(photo credit: Paul Martin on flickr)

14 Replies to “Corn Chip”

      1. I think the reference to the chip under ‘her’ pillow confused me. Then the ‘home alone’, ‘junk food’ tags made it clearer that the chap was indulging in stuff that he shouldn’t have and that he didn’t do a good job of cleaning up afterwards. Am I right?

      2. No need to apologize. I appreciate being able to see how you read it. As writers we can’t control how others interpret our words, but we can improve the techniques we use to better steer them toward our point.

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