A breeze sauntered across the sand like a femme fatale, all hips and smoky breath. She ruffled my hair as she walked past, her velvet gown slid against my bare skin, then she wandered off. I was alone again in the desert.

(photo credit: Caleb Ekeroth/

14 Replies to “Topography”

  1. This reminded me of something that happened to me in India around 1992. I was sitting on the roof of a building with my guru (Amma) and other devotees. It was my last day at the ashram. At one point Amma stood up and as she passed me on her way back to her room, part of her sari brushed over my head and body. I took it as a way of her saying goodbye for now….. and as a blessing. It is a treasured memory. Thanks.

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