Sleep Cycles

I fell through a cloud last night,
piffed then sluiced
through cumulocirrus fields—
puffs of smoke
strung gray and then white again

I looked to the night beyond,
orb-eyed, past
the cuneiform I’d cut,
(whistling air)
saw Castor and Pollux guard

wet nebulas strewn like poor
Zeus’s babes
that wandered Olympus bare
Stars shift shape:
my Gemini folded back

to cloth, to my bedclothes’ jet
fabric sheen
Polaris, the cad, stretched out
(closet, clock)
and up to make walls, then spun

a vortex to fan me dry
Bed again—
tucked tight as a diving suit
(humming) and
I fell through a cloud last night

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I am a writer for an e-Learning course vendor near Chicago.

9 thoughts on “Sleep Cycles”

  1. This is great. I second (third?) Silverleaf’s comment about the stanza breaks making the dream/fall feel slow and disjointed.

    1. Glad you like it! I wanted it to be a little clunky. It was hard to determine what was clearly mimicking how I feel when I first wake up and what just sounded like poor grammar.

  2. I love the dream-like quality you’ve created here. This is my perpetually-falling dream (you know the one… it’s the one you jolt awake from) — I agree entirely with SL about the sense of falling. The image of the vortex was perfect for that sense of loss of control. Wonderful, Nate.

    1. I should share with you the picture Rowan gave me for inspiration. I think you’d identify with it. The vortex was my ceiling fan. But i’m glad you got more meaningful themes out of it!

      1. Ooo yes please to the picture! I love using photographs as writing prompts. I’ve only done it a couple of times, but I so enjoyed the process of seeing beyond the image.

  3. I like your linkages between stanzas; it gives me a sense of falling through the sky and through word-pictures…and the star stuff makes me smile too 🙂

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