I trace the things on your desk with my finger: the blue Bic pen, the loose pay
stub, the nickel and two pennies (your lucky seven
cents), the seam of your leather wallet and the silver teeth on your keys.

These things strewn on your desk are talismans in which I store my gratitude, the keys
to secure our happy togetherness. Of course, you don’t know this: I pay
for your loyalty to me in silent matins and vespers as I trace. Somehow these seven

personal effects garner power over us, like seven
stoic judges presiding at your desk, or back-up keys
to the room that houses the delicious magic that brought you to me: I can’t afford not to pay.

You see, only after I pay will the seven talismans guarantee me your heart. That’s what’s in it for me: your key.

*This tritina is brought to you by Rowan. She gave me the words seven, pay, and key. See below for other tritinas by my friends.

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