Such Risk

a smile from you is at once glory and responsibility     it’s a beautiful razor
threatening to slash history    (every minute with you is such risk)    a glowing
orb that soothes while illuminating a peril without match

your glance sets me on fire     (the color of love is red)     it knocks together the match-
ing decanters of us     still your hand next to mine is a razor
needful but shimmering     playful with danger    we are embers glowing

from the forest floor      we are a resting gun (look around: the threat of loss is glowing
from all those in love)     have you doubted whether your flood and my fire match
too perfectly     how an eon of us fits on the edge of a razor

how we are this razor glowing on my cheek     we are this match burning in my fingers

Early draft of a tritina. Constructive criticism welcome.


the heat from its candle inspires
the lantern to cast away from
my fingers, set sail in the briny
above, swim with whip-poor-wills
and wrens all the while its yellow
gaze never leaves the hope of
this world or my ever-reaching arms



(photo credit: Takeaway/