Mysterious Poisoning

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Minnie Benner is my 3rd great-grandmother. Paris green, also known as Schweinfurt green, emerald green, or Vienna green, is an insecticide, rodenticide, and pigment invented in 1814 in Schweinfurt, Germany.

Article: “Mysterious Poisoning,” Evansville Journal (Evansville, IN), 17 Mar 1896, p. 1, col. 2, art. 2. Accessed on, 19 Dec 2019.

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Members of the Benner Family Ill.

Paris Green Though to Be the Cause of the Attack.

Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Minnie Benner and her daughter, Anna Benner, living at 1007 Outer Fifth avenue, were taken suddenly ill. They symptoms were those of poisoning, and a physician was at once called.

The suspicions of the ladies were verified by the medical attendant, who told them they had probably taken something poisonous in their food. The two ladies were very ill, and for a time the attack threatened to prove fatal. They are thought to be out of danger now.

The only explanation for the poisoning is that there might have been some Paris green on the potatoes, which had been a part of their dinner. Another member of the family felt the effects of the poison slightly, and those three were the only ones of the family to partake of the potatoes at the meal. The others felt no ill effects.


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