Where There’s a Will, The Two John Kelleys Part 16

On the second day of my trip, I visited the Logan County Historical Center in Bellefontaine, Ohio. The center is a converted old mansion with several modern additions strung behind it. The building just behind the mansion is a history museum. The genealogy and archival departments are on the second floor in the very back building.

I met with two volunteers that day. Beth in the archives looked up newspaper articles on the Kelley family for me. Deb helped me locate records of the Kelly family in the area.

Most of the records on hand were from the 1870s and after. Remember that my Kelly family had left the community by 1856. So I mostly collected information on the family members who stayed. But Deb did find one gem of a record.

It is Peter Kelly’s will written on November 27, 1822. The will was executed March 27, 1826. Peter Kelly is Elizabeth Kelly Enoch’s father. I am only including the first page of six here for the sake of space. If you’d like to see the rest of the will, please contact me through this blog.

To his wife, Mary, he gives all the furniture except the bookcase, two cows, all the sheep, geese and poultry, and a third of all the real estate. To his son John*, he gives 50 dollars and the book case. His books are to be equally divided among his children. He gives 100 dollars to be divided among the three children of his deceased son, Nathaniel, when the youngest comes of age. His son, Peter (Junior), received the wagon, harness, all of the farming utensils, and the responsibility of taking care of his mother the rest of her life, including making sure she had a good horse “when it shall be her pleasure to ride during the whole time of her widowhood.” Daughters Sally Houver and Betsy Enoch receive one “horse beast” each. They, along with a third daughter, Patty Knox, also receive a third of the money due to him in Virginia. (They lived in Augusta County, Virginia, before moving to Ohio in 1817 or so. Apparently, he still had business dealings there.) Daughter Caty Blag receives 25 dollars. David and Madison Watts or Walts, Sally’s children by her first marriage, receive a portion of the money when they turn of age.

* This John cannot be the John Kelley whose parents I’m looking for. This will was written in 1822, and my John was born in 1825 or 1826.

There’s so much information on the family here. Its immediate members are listed and there are hints to other relationships. Reading was important to them, though it seems wife Mary either couldn’t read or didn’t favor it as much as Peter’s children. Peter Kelly seems to favor his daughters equally with his sons. Poor Caty Blagg seems to have gotten a raw deal with just 25 dollars bequeathed.

I’m mostly interested in who of Peter’s children could be my John Kelley’s father. This document offers me just two candidates, John and Peter, Jr. Nathaniel is not a candidate because he died before my John Kelley was born.

So my findings lead me to research more into John and Peter Kelley, Jr. More to come!

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    1. Yeah, I knew you were waiting. Last weekend my time was dedicated to a writing competition. And next weekend I’ll be in Michigan visiting family. But I hope to roll these out regularly after that. PS did you see the comment left on Part 15? We need to talk to her more!

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