Starting Over: The Two John Kelleys, Part 11

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Okay, then. We have one DNA match to the Enoch family. I want to look again at the 1850 census in Champaign County, Ohio, where a John Kelley is listed with them.

John Enoch household 1850 census

My first question is: Are Champaign John and the Enochs related? Or, put another way, is Elizabeth Enoch a Kelley?

Enoch and Kelley marriage record.png

Transcript: Marriage Licence Given to John Enoch & Betsy Kelly – 26 July 1822 groom of lawfull age

State of Ohio Logan County Thereby certify that on the 25 day of July I joined together in the holy State of matrimony J[ohn] Enoch & Elizabeth Kelly of lawfull age. [illegible] have this 26 July 1822 Wm Hopkins J.P. [Justice of the Peace] file 10 August 1822 & register 10 Sept 1822

Elizabeth and her husband would have been 19 in 1822 (since they were 47 in 1850). Logan County is next door to Champaign County. There weren’t many people in this part of Ohio at the time, so I think it’s pretty safe to assume I have the right people.

My next question is: What is the relationship between Elizabeth and Champaign John?

In the census, Elizabeth is 47 and Champaign John is 24. That’s a pretty dramatic age difference. I don’t think I can be sure they are siblings, although it’s possible their poor mother was still having children 23 years after having Elizabeth. They could be cousins. Elizabeth is even old enough to be John’s mother. Maybe John was born out of wedlock and that’s why he has her last name?

How closely related am I to harryenoch, the descendant of Elizabeth Kelley and John Enoch I found in my DNA matches?

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 1.33.38 PM

We only share 22.3 centimorgans (cM) of DNA. That’s not much. Using a tool that tells me all of our potential relationships based on the centimorgans we share, he could be anything from a half first cousin three times removed (Half 1C3R on the tool) to an 8th cousin (8C).

(Sidenote: Are you wondering what “removed” means? True cousins belong to the same generation. If they are not of the same generation, then they are removed. Think of your first cousin. Now think of her/his daughter. See her pigtails? She is your first cousin once removed because she is not of your and your first cousin’s generation. That daughter and your child are second cousins.)

Looking at the tool whose link I shared above, I notice the relationship that has an average of 22 cM shared is 4th to 5th cousins. Plotting out harryenoch’s and my lineage, we would be 4th cousins once removed if Champaign John and Elizabeth Enoch are siblings, 5th cousins once removed if they were first cousins. That checks out.

If Elizabeth were John’s mother, harryenoch and I would be third cousins once removed. 3C1R share an average of 48 cM, so while it’s possible, it’s not as probable.

Whew! Okay. So where do I go from here?

I want to get to know Elizabeth Enoch a little better. So my plan is to:

  • verify her birthdate
  • find a death date
  • find a death record
  • find an obituary
  • dig up the censuses in between
  • Google her and John Enoch

That should point me in a direction, I think.

Sources for this post can be found here.

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