Research Plan Check 2: The Two John Kelleys

I was hoping I would have conclusive evidence by now that Milan John wasn’t my blood relative. Oh well. Will keep plugging away.

  • Research census and vital records for Milan John’s family.

Research Plan 2

  • Who are the peripheral people in the census documents?
    a. William Whiten?
    b. Elizabeth Enoch?
    c. John Enoch?

William Whitten lived in York, Sandusky County, Ohio, most of his life. He married Sarah Jane Mason in 1860. I did not find any obvious family relation to the Kelleys, so I’ve decided to put him aside and maybe come back for a deeper dig later.

  • Look for Amelia Kelley marrying a Beardsley in Milan area sometime between 1850, the date of the census, and 1870, the date of her recorded death.
  • Look for James and Fannie Kelley in 1860 and 1870 censuses.

I found them in Cleveland in 1860 and back in Norwalk in 1870. In 1880, they were living in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, with Fanny’s niece, Martha Preston. Fanny dies at the house of Martha Preston in Chicago, IL, in 1903. I haven’t found a death record or obituary for James Kelley yet. They had a son, William Shannon Kelley, born 1859.

  • Who are John and Celia Collins and why haven’t I encountered them before?
  • Find obituaries:
    • Tamar
    • Patrick
    • John W Kelley
    • Celia Kelley Collins Ordered 10 Aug 2018
    • John Collins Ordered 14 Aug 2018
    • Mary Kelley
    • James Kelley
    • Fannie Williams Kelley Ordered 8 Aug 2018
    • Ellen Kelley Shailer
    • Israel Shailer
    • Amelia Kelley Beardsley
    • Homer Beardsley
    • Amanda Kelley
  • Find Homer Beardsley after Amelia’s passing.


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