Research Plan Check 1: The Two John Kelleys

Time to take a look back at my research plan to stay on track:

  • Tamour is an odd name. Looking her up might bear some results.
    I found her death record and her name attached to son James’ marriage record in Familysearch. An Ancestry search pulled up diddly.
  • Research census and vital records for Milan John’s family.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 12.49.32 PM.png

I’m big into spreadsheets. Above, you can see I built a timeline for the Milan Kelley family. To the left, I have their birth and death dates and then I lay out a grid at 10-year intervals to create a timeline. When I find a family member in the census, I enter their location in the appropriate column. That way I can see what censuses I’m missing, and I can easily track where everyone is in any given decade. The color coding is to remind myself that the 1856 column isn’t a census column. I added it to show James’s location at time of marriage.

  • Who are the peripheral people in the census documents?
    a. William Whiten?
    b. Elizabeth Enoch?
    c. John Enoch?
  • Look for Amelia Kelley marrying a Beardsley in Milan area sometime between 1850, the date of the census, and 1870, the date of her recorded death.
  • Look for James and Fannie Kelley in 1860 and 1870 censuses.

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