A List Of Structures That Can Be Washed Away

we all stand on the same bridge
between birth and death
our braided hair pinned
back with memory neither smile
nor scowl in our stance \ do not deny
the air \ supporting
the delicate \ suspension
trusses \ girders \ cement
steepled above \ a thread
the river does not appear
dangerous from this distance
remember \ rising water can upturn
cars \ swallow buildings \ innocence
can coax \ the bolts \ from their casings
one droplet \ can deliver \ a frightening ultimatum:
swim or drown

* This poem was inspired by the work of Gabriel Jesiolowski

Note: The format of this poem is not supported by my blog. The backslashes represent large spaces between words. The intent was for the poem to look as though it is trickling down the page in streams and joining back together at the last line. It can be read if one flow is followed or read traditionally line by line, left to right.

written for the YeahWrite Fiction|Poetry challenge. Click the badge above to read more entries.

Early draft = constructive criticism is welcome.

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I am a writer for an e-Learning course vendor near Chicago.

One thought on “A List Of Structures That Can Be Washed Away”

  1. I felt the anxiety of walking along a very high bridge. It also made me think of the footage from the Japan tsunamis and how the water caused damage even inland along the rivers. I wasn’t sure about the braided hair part, personally, but I liked the imagery of everyone having to walk along this bridge together.

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