what if we flip this crimson doubt
release each expectation lark
to skies refilled from looming drought
would we still form a question mark

beneath astonished flannel sheets
our viscous whispers drench the dark
forgotten hist’ry made complete
would we still form a question mark

If I’m omega hanging, high,
above the finite point you spark
would I ignite or gratify
would we still form a question mark

(Photo credit: Quintin Gellar/

Writing this kyrielle for YeahWrite. Click the badge above for more poems and stories inspired by prompts.

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I am a writer for an e-Learning course vendor near Chicago.

8 thoughts on “Reunion”

  1. I simply love this. I really don’t know how anyone can arrange words to make them sound so beautiful together; I think it may be a superpower.

  2. Ah, Nate, I wish I had the time to take your poetry class… so I can understand how you make the words *do* that! If you remember, poetry is not my thing. LOL

    Love the line about forgotten history!

    1. I went back and forth on keeping that apostrophe in “hist’ry.” Most people slide over the o in history, don’t they? I’ve said the word out loud so much it sounds weird to me.

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