Can I be your quicksilver—that slick Forever,
that satiny poison you long to have near
but are too afraid to taste?
(Even the shadows under your feet radiate)
And may the line you walk
between the steel pillars of this city,
the threads you lay on gum-speckled sidewalks,
down regretful subway tracks, and over the rocking
boats docked in their places in this universe
be my orbit as well?
(You contain an asteroid cloud; you contain the Sun.)
And if you whisper Yes, Nathan, of course—
do I become comet or moon? Ignited or cratered?
Zooming or quietly watching in the dark
(such sweet poison) the glaciers of our understanding
expand and contract, the oceans swallow and rebuild islands,
the storms spiral and pummel and disintegrate and reemerge
across the geography of Years

Writing for YeahWrite #356. The prompt was using the words radiant, expand, and orbit. Click the badge above for more fantastic poetry and stories.

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I am a writer for an e-Learning course vendor near Chicago.

4 thoughts on “Quicksilver”

  1. I felt every inch of the tummult of emotions in this. You did such a terrific job of reflecting the narrator’s (your) mood through the opposing images. The “satiny poison” of quicksilver is such vivid imagery.

  2. I love the uncertainty of “comet or moon? Ignited or cratered?” I also love the huge natural forces at play in a very personal question.

  3. This piece is incredible. I’ve read and reread it so many times, and it plays a little differently each time. I think my favorite is the part that begins “And may the line you walk” and ends “be my orbit as well?” The in-between is so gritty and real, but bookended by this lovely sentiment. And by the end…I might need to fan myself. 🙂

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