The Seventh Wife of Bluebeard

I am unlocked. I paint the ‘closet’ red so there will be no doubt, braid six wreaths weekly—one for each wife, each murder. Still, his specter looms in the wallpaper, the coatstand. Six candles flicker in the darkening room; I whisper to them nightly, thank you, thank you.

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I am a writer for an e-Learning course vendor near Chicago.

5 thoughts on “The Seventh Wife of Bluebeard”

  1. I really like this version of ‘after the story’ of Bluebeard. Something like that would haunt you forever and would require some sort of purposeful ‘cleansing’ or ritual to deal with. The only word that gave me pause was ‘coatstand’, simply because most of the words prior to it gave me the impression of an earlier time, but that could just be my personal association too. The mix of the dark past with the positive future is wonderful and the image of the ritual is very evocative. This will stay with me.

  2. I appreciate that this deviates from the “happily ever after” of such a traumatic story. There’s still hope in it, but it doesn’t ignore the pain that happened.

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