“You sure you’re cool with us?” The cigarette in our neighbor’s mouth bobbed as he spoke. Heather was in the kitchen rustling pots.

“Us?” I asked, setting my beer down on a coaster, a souvenir from happier days when I still bought Heather gifts.

“You know, with me and Heather?”

12 Replies to “Souvenir”

  1. I chuckled at the end and then felt bad for everyone involved in this story. The neighbor does sound a little skeezy, but this narrator did not read very sympathetic to me, either. With how checked-out he is, they both seem to be doing the leaving!

  2. That is a tough one! Clearly things haven’t been good with Heather for awhile, but he still felt a connectedness to her, until she is a part of a new duo. “Us?” Is heart wrenching. Great piece.

  3. There’s a lot going on here and in such few words. Wow! Maybe it’s because I’ve watched too much Grey’s Anatomy recently, what with the heavy melodrama in that show, but I didn’t get the impression of Heather cheating immediately. The delivery of this piece didn’t come across as cold or seething to me. I actually got the impression that the main character and Heather had a mutual agreement of some sort. Leaving your lover doesn’t always have to be a physical packing of the bags and moving out/away–sometimes it runs much deeper than that. The main character may be living with Heather, married to Heather, still, and the two are doing their own thing–physically. Even though the main character doesn’t come across as angry, there’s still this sadness here. Wonderful writing, good sir!

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