Anxiety, as mineral

We dine on fresh emotion with each day

a fork, red salad plates of grief or joy

then rest on beds of flashing opal-fear

a docile pillow lost upon a plain

too late, too sure, to realize comfort won

sweet hours lost avoiding stroboscopes

by hoarding little stones in mattresses

by lording over rooms gone dim with light

7 Replies to “Anxiety, as mineral”

  1. Have you watched “Legion?” I’ve only seen the first couple episodes but all the color imagery in this, and the stroboscope in particular (TIL what a stroboscope is), brought to mind the chaotic special effects in that show. The mineral references and harsh colors and line breaks felt sharp and unsettling to me.

    1. I watched the first episode of Legion and loved it. Just haven’t gotten back to it yet. Thanks for your thoughtful feedback, Ruby. You confirmed I achieved the mood I was going for.

  2. My word of the day is now: stroboscopes
    I am afraid a lot of poetry goes way over my head, but I do know that the first like worked. What a great hook! Opal-fear was another of my favorites…that’s some intense and numerous amount of worry packed into those two words.

  3. Great opening line. I also loved “by hoarding little stones in mattresses”. Had to look up why you used opal, and what a stroboscope was, so have learned something. I like the feel of this but, as with much poetry, feel certain layers have evaded me. My loss.

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