“Wife and Baby Left By Husband”


This article ran on the front page of the Evansville Courier and Press in Evansville, Indiana, on July 3, 1901. Conrad Benner is my 2nd great-granduncle. I’ll share more about this story soon.

(source: “Wife and Baby Left By Husband,” Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, IN, 3 Jul 1901, p. 1, col. 3, par. 2; accessed on genealogybank.com 12 Sep 2015)

Click here for more on this story.

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10 thoughts on ““Wife and Baby Left By Husband””

  1. In the old days it was easy for someone to leave town and live somewhere else, even under the same name, without being detected. I’m going to guess that Uncle Conrad decided to escape his financial troubles by doing that very thing.

  2. what does it mean, ‘2nd great grand uncle.” is that your great grandfather’s brother? what does the 2nd stand for?

    such a sad story. whatever became of him? the article makes it sound like he was depressed since he had been in and out of employment and in debt.

    1. It means my great great (in this case) grandmother’s brother. Another way to say it is my grandmother’s grandmother’s brother. I’ll post more about Conrad soon. Thanks for reading!

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