The Day I Met Charlotte

We’re anchored out front of the Girl Scout camp halfheartedly fishing when the dare comes. I strip down to Sunday and dive in. Guppies dart; seaweed scratches. When I resurface, I hear my friends cackling and the snarl of the speedboat’s engine.

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I am a writer for an e-Learning course vendor near Chicago.

17 thoughts on “The Day I Met Charlotte”

  1. Love this! The gentle humor is perfect and I got another bonus chuckle when I re-read the title (I read titles last for some reason). And as many have said, “strip down to Sunday” is A+.

  2. OH! LOL…they just left him there naked as the day he was born!! Oh those adolescent dares though! I remember one at a slumber party where a girl was dared to run down the street naked…in December. Yeah. That was special. She did it too! Great little story. Loved the expression “stripped down to Sunday”. The whole thing has the ring of credibility too. Awesome!

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