Finding the Stud

Drywall flecks pepper the carpet, but Jimmy doesn’t give a shit. He wipes his forehead with a dew rag, spits into the sink and imagines his newly single and Jacuzzi-ed life through the puckered holes he made in his flimsy bedroom wall.

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I am a writer for an e-Learning course vendor near Chicago.

17 thoughts on “Finding the Stud”

      1. Hah. At some point the word sledgehammer was pivotal in this microstory. I think the title made more sense then, but I’m glad you connected the edited out dots!

  1. Oh Nate, I love this one. You perfectly captured the essence of the newly divorced bachelor back on the prowl, from married man to whore dog in the blink of an eye. Hello mid life crisis. I have actually met a few of these before I met my husband. Good for a one night stand but not much else.

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