The Chemical Cure

The doctor jokes these injections will give me powers like in the comic books—that when I’m sorted I’ll slap away bullets for a bird—but my cheeks still flush for any right fit bloke. My gaze still clings to square jaws.

16 Replies to “The Chemical Cure”

  1. I just realized I forgot to come back and comment. What a unique take on the prompt. I think I’ve read it 20 times so far. It is such a scary thing to think about. You wrote this so well, conveying all you needed to in just 42 words!

    1. Thanks, Brittany. This idea was inspired by Alan Turing and the movie The Imitation Game. It horrified me that the government bargained with men caught doing unnatural acts with other men with this treatment.

      1. I immediately thought of the movie when I read this. I always admire the way you create characters and conflict within the limited words available: the flippant doctor (and the intolerant society he represents) versus the shamed-filled “patient.”

      2. I saw that movie. He saved so many lives by his invention and then they turn around and force mutilate him. Terrible!

    1. Thanks Darshana! Back then even some of the people who “suffered” from the illness of homosexuality thought they could be “fixed.” I’m so glad I live in a time and place of general acceptance.

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