Angry Lily

My sister storms in looking like an angry lily—bright pink hair curled back from red lips screeching about inheritance. Spit falls around the casket instead of condolences.

I say, “Dad was flat-ass broke, so pull out your checkbook. You owe me.”

16 Replies to “Angry Lily”

  1. OHHHHHH! I lived this with my own sister. Needless to say I no longer see her or associate with her now that both of my parents are gone. Loved the descriptions. Loved the intensity. Simply LOVED this. You made it real for me. This was utterly brilliant. One of your finest pieces yet. Stand up and take a bow…Bravo!!!!

  2. That first sentence is amazing–how you give us the striking visual/sister’s personality along with the setting via “inheritance.”

      1. I’m good Nate, thanks, how are you? Don’t seem to see as much of your lovely writing as I used too, I guess that is because you are busy, but I sure do miss it.

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