Apartment Full of Trees

Follow me to furloughed
fields, to cities fitted
‘round a sea less salty.
S’there we’ll start our garden.

I’ll blast far ‘neath flagstone
for you; till a trillion
seedlings strewn by starlight;
foster future forests.

This is my first attempt at a drottkvaett for April’s poetry slam. Read more great fiction and poetry by clicking the badge above!

15 Replies to “Apartment Full of Trees”

  1. I love where you took this! You had me at furloughed, as you know, but “cities fitted around a sea less salty” is just amazing. I had a totally different – and more consistent – understanding of this version. Love it!

  2. I love how this plays on the traditional “we’ll have a garden and a picket fence” ideal – not only will this one be much harder to start, the results will last generations longer. Nice job with that ridiculous drottkvaett format too!

  3. I like this, Nate, and even though it is not a traditional (whatever that means) love poem, it sends that message loud and clear to me.
    Never heard of this form, but I can see from your notes that there are way to many rules for me to attempt. 🙂

      1. I always look forward to a post from you (although they seem to be far apart these days – I guess you are busy with lots of stuff) to see how you shape the words into pictures. You never disappoint my waiting. 🙂

    1. Would crib notes help?
      1. 6 syllables in each of the 8 lines; the fifth syllable must be accented, the sixth must be unaccented
      2. on odd numbered lines, the fifth syll needs to full or half rhyme with another syll in the line.
      3. on even numbered lines, the fifth syll must full rhyme with another syll in the line.
      4. Alliteration must occur in:
      a. either the first or third syll of the first line
      b. the fifth syll of the first line
      c. the first syll of the second line

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