The Foley Artist

The hero moaned into the mike. The villain cackled, “The world is mine!”

I mimicked the sounds of diabolical machines starting up using tin sheets and rattles.

Silence fell in the studio. Even the cigarette smoke stopped to hear what happened next.

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I am a writer for an e-Learning course vendor near Chicago.

24 thoughts on “The Foley Artist”

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Judith. It is already rewritten. The first sentence mentioned a frozen head of lettuce (because that’s what foleys used to hit to make it sound like a man getting whacked).

  1. So much to love in so few words. I like how you built tension with sound effects, even though we weren’t privvy to the story. I’m like the smoke; I want to know what happened next.

  2. There is something to be said about those old radio shows. Even when I’m watching a film, I cover my ears before my eyes because the noises, silences and screams always get to my nerves!

  3. Yes, loved having the smoke take on the weight of the world. You’re not such a bad foley artist yourself!

    1. Fun fact: foleys hit and dropped frozen heads of lettuce when they needed the sound of a head trauma. Had that in my first revision but axed it for being too obscure. I bequeath it to you, Cyn!

  4. Ah, I knew the word meant soemthing, and I have heard of Foley artists before. I Still enjoyed reading it, even if I didn’t get the context. As I said before , you do wonderful things with words.

  5. Just watched a documentary about War of the Worlds last night! I love your take on this, and the image of the cigarette smoke. So evocative, both of the time period (when you could smoke indoors!) and the sense of anticipation.

      1. Now I’m going to be contradictory – I loved the bit about the lettuce – and could just imagine that scene/that sound, and in my opinion, it is a little bit drier now, but who made me a critic. Your idea, your words and you have to be happy with it. Sometimes readers need a bit of obscurity to get their thoughts working – it shouldn’t be too easy for them all the time.

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