Stone Boat

The archer’s arm quivers as he aims— one end of the arrow cradled in its nock, the other furious with flame. A sound like a sparrow follows; the arrow staves the air above our heads. Soon, fire feathers the pyre like fletching.


16 thoughts on “Stone Boat

  1. “…the other furious with flame.” was my favorite, but the whole thing was on fire. 🙂
    (And since we’re confessing, I had to look up fletching.)

      1. It was a risk to put in so many words that were so archery specific, so I tried to give context clues: the nock being at the other end of the arrowhead, the feathers and the fletching. Maybe I should have added links to definitions?

      2. I didn’t intend that as a criticism. I loved the rich language of this and didn’t mind looking up the words to make sure I fully understood. Didn’t you do a shot of espresso that gave a name to the use of language specific to an activity or environment?

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