For the Bible Tells Me So

The Sunday school teacher staples the felt letters across an empty bulletin board. “Think of yourselves as bells,” he says, “uniformly resonating the same glorious message.”

As if on cue, the captive church bell bleats just once from its steeple.

“Class dismissed.”


7 Replies to “For the Bible Tells Me So”

      1. Oh, we marathoned Dr Who, went out to a dear friend’s for his annual party last night, and had over another couple for the turkey-dinner-we-never-had-at-Xmas tonight. Not bad for a family that’s been flu-y. Twilight Zone and meatballs sounds perfect!

    1. I don’t usually delve into religion or politics but I recently encountered someone who militaristically believes that there is only one way to know God. It was a frightening conversation, and when I wrote about it, this came out.

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