Eau–de–vie, New Year’s Eve, 2000

Fireworks crackle over Bronson Park; the crowd hoots. You mention your toes are numb
despite your boots, so we walk hand-in-hand to a booth and I buy you a warm brandy.
I say: We’re standing on the rim of a century. Your reply—Two centuries.—is tinny, dressed
in blue.

I think: The night is a snifter—its base in the wide-bottomed park edged in cobalt blue,
the glassy highlights of snow, the stem of a single oak shrouded in December, numb.
Tinted streetlights offer the only source of warmth, casting this jubilee in the caramel glow of brandy.

Only you distill me. The rest of the city is hidden in plain sight, like the brandy
crouching behind the taste of port or the flashes of cerulean and topaz blue
from the folds of your purple anorak (despite the dim light). Tonight I am everything
but numb.

Though my fingers are numb, I hold a chilled glass of cherry brandy as I drink in this blue, tapered night.


*This tritina brought to you by Rowan and Christine. Click the badge above to read other tritinas by my friends at yeah write.

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I am a writer for an e-Learning course vendor near Chicago.

22 thoughts on “Eau–de–vie, New Year’s Eve, 2000”

  1. Nate I’ve read this a couple of times now and I can’t get over how gorgeous it is. The seduction of it all. I’ve loved it more with every read.

  2. Oh, the “blue, tapered night” sounds elegiac–although I know this is a celebratory thing, it has a tinge of mourning or tribute with this ending, which (for me) makes it even more lovely. You have such skill with this form, Nate. Truly emotive and all kinds of gorgeous.

  3. Oh Nate! “Only you distill me”. That alone is a love poem, and then you weave such seduction with the rest of the tritina. Your attention to the details (“flashes of cerulean and topaz blue” and the “caramel glow” of brandy) bring everything into vivid focus.

  4. The sounds, the images, the absolute integration of the tritina words…masterful. It took me a second read before I even realized it was a tritina. The form was a servant to your poem. 🙂

  5. “Tonight I am everything but numb.” My breath caught a little when I read that. And the second stanza. I first read this yesterday and am still thinking about it 24 hrs later.

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