25. Most Surprising Plot Twist In A Book

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

A man has to confront his faults when his wife goes missing.

You have no idea how long I picked apart that sentence to make sure I’m not giving anything away there. Gillian Flynn executes a riveting novel with a twist I’ve never considered before.

___________________________SPOILERS AHOY___________________________

I was expecting a big twist and I wasn’t disappointed. It was clever and almost believable. It was one of those twists where you HAD TO TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT IT NOW. When Amy admitted the original plan was to kill herself, I had to stop taking her character seriously. It took me out of the story and reminded me that I’m reading fiction. When she changed her mind, she earned back some of my respect—however much respect a blazing psycopath warrants. Amy’s character is all about gratification by seeing how her manipulations affect people. And she is so conscious of people’s behavior that it seems like she would  never have even considered committing suicide just to get back at people she barely likes.

Also, I was a little frustrated that every manipulation Amy concocted worked with no hiccups. I think one major miscalculation would have given Amy’s psychopathic behavior more authenticity. Maybe Desi doesn’t come help her, or Go finds the shack early, something like that. Yes, some of her clues didn’t surface as fast as she intended them to, but she had the back-up plan of anonymously tipping off the police. It was just a little too flawless.

Speaking of barely liking, I hated every character in this book, except Boney and Nick’s mom. I believe the author intentionally wrote unlikable characters, for god’s sake Amy didn’t even like her parents. Before the twist was revealed, I was pretty tired of reading Nick and Amy’s miseries with each other. I don’t think I would have put the book down, but I was getting huffy. Which is why I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5. For me, it lingered in the wind-up with detestable characters a little too long.

I really like what the author had to say about the media slant on nationally-televised court cases. And I very much appreciate the well-planned and cerebral mystery in this book. Gillian Flynn has a criminal mind. Despite the minor things I have listed above, this book is very well done.

UPDATE: A movie has come out since I wrote this review. It’s done very well. The author also wrote the movie script and the changes she made were wise – cutting the lawyer’s wife and getting into Desi’s messed up relationship issues more. The only thing I missed was that thrill of reading Amy’s confession that she’d planned it all. It just didn’t roll out in the movie like it stunned me in the book.

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