18. The Book I Wish I Could Live In

I would choose to live in the middle part of Martin Dressler: The Tale of the American Dreamer by Steven Millhauser

A self-starting man rises from an assistant in his father’s cigar shop to the uppermost stratosphere of wealth. The rise doesn’t come without a cost, though. Steven Millhauser makes a point to illustrate the kinds of sacrifices required to be a billionaire in America: love, family, sanity.

I really enjoyed the imagination of this book. Reading every page reminded me of the things I would do if there were no restrictions on me. Here’s my Goodreads review:

The title has it right: it’s the perfect book for a dreamer. Think Tim Burton’s Big Fish crossing with an Andrew Carnegie biography and you got a very accurate description of what’s in store if you read this book.

Surprising, funny, sweet, and an interesting look at the life of a self-made man. I couldn’t put it down. And I’m just waiting for Tim Burton to make this into a movie.

Update: A day after answering, I might have already changed my mind. I’d love to live in the world of Jess Walters’s book Beautiful Ruins.

2 Replies to “18. The Book I Wish I Could Live In”

  1. I didn’t know that author, katydidknot, so I did a little research. It seems Robert Holdstock’s books haven’t been published in America in a decade. Now that it’s back I’ll need to pick it up. The synopsis intrigues me! I dig the idea of sons carrying on their father’s work.

  2. These posts you’ve been doing are great. I think I’d live in Robert Holdstock’s “Mythago Wood.” Cool environment, plus you could pull up cultural archetypes out of your brain at will, basically.

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