8. The Book I Think Is Most Underrated

Heaven Lake by John Dalton

Back in 2004, this novel squeaked through shelves, won some awards, but never gained the notoriety I thought it deserved. I think my Goodreads review says it all:

I love me some “how traveling changed my life” stories. In this one, a young missionary travels to Singapore and learns the hard way the effects of being irresponsible with love. Told in a sweeping manner that sometimes rides the line between novel and travel narrative, John Dalton really nailed what I experienced traveling in foreign countries as a college student: the sense of wonder and possibility fueled by a naiveté about the world and how it works.

Revisiting this review made me remember to push up his second novel, The Inverted Forest, in my To Read List.


Yep, I skipped Day 7 of this Book Challenge. I’m still writing it.

Tell me about it.

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