5. My Comfort Book

The Giant’s House by Elizabeth McCracken has been my favorite book for a decade now. It’s a controversial book — an older mousy woman loves a boy platonically, but that love changes as he grows to manhood. It could be read as an oppositely gendered Lolita. But the point of the book, for me, was to explore all the different kinds of beautiful transformations love can take throughout a lifetime. It’s not solely about the love associated with sexuality. Here’s my Goodreads review:

Elizabeth McCracken says so much about the different forms love can take. The main character’s journey through all of it stays true to her personality but affects her in utterly heartbreaking ways. The plot is quiet and mousy, sweet and unflinchingly true.

I’ve only reread this book 4 times. But that’s actually a lot for me; I’m not a book rereader generally. But whenever I reread it, it leaves me inspired and hoping for a sequel. It is the ultimate love story.


Wondering where the fiction and family history went? They’ll come back. I’m participating in National Blog Posting month, by posting an entry every day in November. I’m using  this Book Challenge to inspire me.

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