First Time At Benihana

Hibachi chef

After he threatened my life with onion volcanoes and spinning spatulas, the chef motioned to fling shrimp at my face. “Abso-lutely not!”

“Loosen up,” my friend said, drink in hand.

“He is a maniac,” I snapped. “And I am not a seal.”


*photo via wikipedia commons


30 Replies to “First Time At Benihana”

  1. Haahaaa! This is hilarious, Nate. And I love the “abso-lutely” — the narrator is brought to life with these little touches.

  2. Wonderful re-write. There is so much energy in this and fun (‘After he threatened my life ..’). The dialogue is great, really well portraying the casualness of the experienced against the fear of the novice.

  3. Hahaha Love the seal. I used to adore Benihana’s behind the Playboy Club in Boston’s combat zone when I was a kid. It was gone by the time I was old enough to drink sake.
    Fun post! Thanks for the chuckle, Nate!

  4. Great re-write! I especially like what you’ve done with that first paragraph and the title clarifies that it was your first time there. The photo does add a lot of context. And is that the puffy hat!? It’s even better than I imagined 🙂

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