Truth Perches

truth perches
on shoulders
like myna birds
proudly repeating
for all to hear

when you’re quiet
they sing without care

lies struggle
above heads
like flecked pigeons
tied with fishing line
around an ear

I know from the
droppings in your hair

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31 Replies to “Truth Perches”

    1. Thanks! There’s always something I notice about people when they lie. They force themselves to stay in conversations when it’s obvious that all they want to do is get the hell out of there. That’s where the pigeons tethered came from.

    1. thanks for mentioning the structure. I worked pretty hard at making the syllable pattern the same for the lines about truth and the lines about lies: 3-3-4-5-4 4-5. I’m a little ridiculous that way.

  1. I’ve only been reading these gargleblasters for a few weeks, and so far I find myself liking the poems given in response much less than attempts to tell a story in 42-word prose. But, I love this one! Love.

  2. Your last line is my absolute favorite! You have such a range with your writing and always an interesting take on the prompt. I’m having fun not participating this week and just learning from folks like you.

      1. Hi Nate,
        Happy Sunday 🙂
        What I have honed in most are those areas that I am the weakest–dialogue and consistent tense. I study the dialogue and how it fits with the characters as well as how often it appears in a flash fiction piece. If I don’t “notice” the dialogue, then I know it’s good because it’s natural. So hard to do!
        I read for things that strike me and then figure out why they jump out.
        Fiction is more of a hobby than anything and I truly admire the folks who do it well. Thank you for asking 🙂

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