Dinnertime Showdown

The only thing between Dad and his post-shift nap was the gelatinous mush on my plate. Mom tried distracting him, but his attention soon returned to me in my Oscar-the-Grouch bib.

“Nathan, I want those peas ate!”

“Well I want them six.”

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21 Replies to “Dinnertime Showdown”

  1. Ha! Great line at the end 🙂 With me, it was long battles over mushy asparagus. I love your description in this piece. It rings very true, especially the mom trying to distract the dad.

  2. Love the details you use to give us such a full picture, although I’m not sure I wanted to see the gelatinous mush. I would have loved the young Nathan to reply, “Well you have them then.’

  3. What an adorable little anecdote. You’ve got some really great details that help describe the family without having to explain everything (post-shift nap, Oscar-the-Grouch bib). Very neatly done. Thanks for linking up!

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