When I started this blog, I promised myself I would post at least 2 articles a week until my year anniversary on February 14, 2015, excepting a week’s vacation about midway through. I’m proud to say that so far I’ve been true to my word, and next week, friends, is that week of vacation.

But it’s just a vacation from doodads and gadgetry. A few months ago, I put a set of short stories about my grandparent’s wedding day aside for other things, but I’ve found a nice group of writers who have given me feedback on it. So I plan to rework them paper and pen style, yo, while I’m at the lake. Then I plan to repost the new and improved versions.

And now that I’ve posted it, chances are much more likely I’ll actually do it instead of whiling away my vacation sleeping on random piers and eating Cheez-its and ambrosia salad.

So off I go, see you in a week or so. Until then, enjoy this lovely scene of children getting ready to take a swim.

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I am a writer for an e-Learning course vendor near Chicago.

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