On the day the Mermaid Three were caught
the policemen tailed their tails
down the current of Atlantic Drive,
stolen currency set sail
for the deep harbors of suit pockets
on men having greener scales.
I hope more serpents land in jail.

31 Replies to “Greed”

    1. Thanks, Mistress Speakeasy. This prompt was tough. When I get stuck I’ll just start listing words associated with what I want to say. This is the product of me word associating Mermaids and Steal.

    1. Yes! That’s why I find the tv show Shark Tank so off-putting. The looks those moguls get on their faces when they are presented with a money making opportunity turns my stomach.

      1. The creativity of the entrepreneurs is interesting and fun. But the $$$ part of it is not to my liking. Wow. That kinda sums up my stance on life in general.

    1. I tried so hard to work in the idea of banks along the shore and the banks where the men in suits work, but the 42 words didn’t allow it. maybe I’ll write an extended remix!

  1. men with greener scales are unsavory and deserving of the bars.

    “tailed their tails down the current” …what a fantastic line!

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