The Last Voyager

In my recent post, Dreams As Big As Canada, I tell you a little about what it felt like for me to discover Amos Burg on my family tree. Since finding him, I’ve finished his engrossing biography by Vince Welch called The Last Voyageur, upon which I’ve learned so much about his life. Below are a few pictures of him, his obituary, and one of his videos (silent film, how old school is that?!). Just a few things I want to have handy  and a way to commemorate him on the 28th anniversary of his leaving this world. Here’s to your determination, Amos!

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Amos Burg obituary Sitka Sentinel 16 Jun 1986
Amos Burg’s obituary in the Sitka Sentinel, 16 Jun 1986 (pictures from Oregon Historical Society and Vince Welch’s website)

One Reply to “The Last Voyager”

  1. My grandparents (Dick and Madeline Taylor_ were good friends with Amos Burg and his wife, Caroline. I even met Amos a couple of times in my grandparents’ living room in Bellevue, Washington when I was a child and he was visiting. I remember him as a warm, friendly man with a contagious smile. I completed an Oral History with my 103-year-old grandmother and put it online recently. There’s mention of Amos Burg in Grandma’s story. My grandparents were featured in a National Geographic article Amos wrote about traveling the Inside Passage to Alaska. You can read about my grandma here:

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