First Party

When I walked in, I stumbled on my whip. The plastic flower pot I was wearing as a hat fell over my eyes, but I heard Grace’s sarcastic “Whip It,” then laughter, and knew I was the only one here in costume.

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43 thoughts on “First Party”

  1. Dang – that’s not nice at all. Poor guy… But the thing that’s stumping me: what exactly was he dressed as?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Fun response to the prompt, Nate – thanks for linking up!

    1. I really like to not give my narrator’s genders and see what people ascribe to the character. Just curious, what made you think male? The fact that you know I’m male? The band is male? In my head she was female and there was a Mean Girls thing going on.

      1. Hmm, good question! Probably partly because I know (well, I assume! *grin*) you’re male, but also the whip made me think of Indiana Jones. Also, it seemed like a trick a mean girl might play on a boy who had a crush on her. I still wonder why a flowerpot… ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. A plastic flower pot is what I used in my own Devo costume, adding just the right amount of camp. Plus the holes at the bottom of the pot/top of my hat let the heat escape!

      3. Ah! ๐Ÿ™‚ That explains it. And it reminds me I ought to Google these things. I had no idea who Devo was. #shame #isuckatpopculture

    1. It’s not fun. But it’s a good exercise in maintaining confidence. If you’re the only one at the party in costume, you can easy turn that into being the life of the party.

    1. I still love Devo. The video to this song is ridiculously 80s. I was cracking up at how terrible it was. Glad Mark Mothersbaugh moved on to orchestrate tv show and movie soundtracks. He’s much more in his element.

    1. The running title of this was the lyric “When a good time turns around you must whip it.” Some elegant writing for a seemingly innocuous pop song, huh?

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