Windows Open

As she leans into her car, she spots three red dots launch
from near Jenna’s memorial card and land– the world’s smallest
aerobatics team– onto her white sleeve. The beetles’ gloss
flashes like her friend’s gaudy jewelry. She puffs them, gently, away.

35 Replies to “Windows Open”

  1. I love how, even in moments of grief, we can be distracted and entranced by something small and beautiful. It puts things in perspective, I think. Really thoughtful post, Nate. I liked it very much. Thanks for linking it up.

    1. Thanks, Amberly. If you click on the badge and scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a community of people writing these 42-word posts. If you have time, read them all and vote on your favorites!

  2. Beautiful, Nate! Especially love the aerobics team and the gaudy jewelry. I see my lost ones in butterflies and dragonflies all the time : )

      1. Nope, my bad, Nate! I read it as aerobatics, but my reply was probably a slip due to my own post – haha.

    1. I don’t know what part of the country you’re in, but there was an outbreak of Asian Lady Beetles (more orange but otherwise exactly like ladybugs) where I lived about 10 years ago. They were absolutely everywhere!

  3. Really like this Nate. Do you know/like the poet William Carlos Williams? He’s my favorite and this piece reminds me of his poetry.

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