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I’m finishing up my Liebster Award nominations. This is the part where I answer questions posed by another blogger. While it’s not completely genealogically oriented, I did try to throw some family history in there.

Thewitch‘s questions answered, even though Karuna and Hugh nominated me as well. Sorry, but 33 questions overwhelmed me a bit:

Who is your favourite literary character?
This one is difficult as it probably changes every week. I’ll say Patrick from Perks Of Being A Wallflower. Let’s just say I related to him immensely.

Who is your weird crush?
Neil Patrick Harris. It’s weird because it started as  puppy love with
Doogie Howser, M.D. when he was 13 and I was 12 . Then it became full-fledged when he was in the musicals Assassins and Rent and I suspected he might be “on my team.” When he came out we were both married to other people, so my crush settled into respect for his many talents and admiration for  his graceful demeanor with media. But he’s still got it.

In which period in history would you have most liked to have lived?
The Roaring 20s. There was so much change happening, and the world was rejoicing over the end of the first world war. Plus I can rock a homburg pretty nicely.

What could you not live without?
What? Or who? Ok. I’ll take that question at face value. I cannot live without decent water pressure. It’s the first thing I check when I’m checking out a new apartment. Materialistically speaking, nothing is better than a good shower after a difficult day.

What is your movie star name? (in America, it’s the first pet and the first street you lived on)
Candi Partridge

What is your best feature?
the creases under my eyes. I used to hate them; but then I was given pictures of my dad as a boy, his mother, and her father (the man below, whose name I share btw) and we all had those tell-tale creases. Now I consider them a badge of honor.cropped-screen-shot-2014-04-23-at-1-51-54-pm.png

What would you have for your last supper? chicken alfredo, grilled asparagus and red onion, and tiramisu for dessert.

Who was your first love? I’m married. . . well, domestically partnered to him.

Which song is your getting ready to go out song? Temptation by New Order — “Oh, you’ve got green eyes, oh, you’ve got blue eyes, oh, you’ve got gray eyes!”

What is your favourite smell? peach cobbler baking in the oven

What would your Archvillain name be? “Sarcastro”, and my superpowers would involve melting my foes with a single peeved look


Read these answers in short story form: “Straight From the Diary of Candi Partridge.” Candi is my clueless teenage alter-ego stuck in 1989.

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16 thoughts on “questions I’ve been asked”

  1. Sorry about that! Blip over, so damn annoying when it happens!! What I wanted to ask was how do you know which is your spirit animal?

      1. I am!! I want to know about the animal spirit please?!!! Will do a post to try and explain the stupid brain blip. Don’t really know myself yet, see the headdoc on thursday, bit daunting!! Hey!! Gives me something to write about!!

      2. My friend and I slept in our tree house pretty often when we were kids. One night I woke up to find an owl perched in the treehouse’s doorway looking out over our yard. Ever since then I have felt very close to owls.

  2. Brilliant!! Oh yes, I can see the homburg working!! And New Order!!! I love them!! Ceremony is my favourite!! And I am already pacing in anticipation for Candy Partridge!! Mine is Whisky Newton, which I almost prefer to my real name!!!!!

      1. Hokay, fess up, where did the evil Wol appear from?!! I’m expecting SmileyNatelooksjustlikemybabybruvwhoIadoreface, and I get IamsogonnapeckyoureyesoutifIgetcloseenoughwolface!! Don’t do this to me, I am old!! Warn me first!! :/

      2. I thought my pic in my avatar and the big ole pic of me on my blog (whose size I can’t make smaller for some reason) makes me seem conceited. So I thought I’d change my avatar to my spirit animal. You don’t like?

      3. Daft bat!! Or Wol!! It is actually really good, just missed your smiley wrinkle eye face!! So seriously! Which spirit animal and why? Having a lityle bit

  3. I really enjoyed your answers. Oh, if only Sarcastro really existed! What fun that could be!! Congrats on the nominations!

  4. I enjoyed reading your answers! I wouldn’t be willing to answer 33 questions either! Congratulations on getting three nominations………

    My favorite answers were the ones about your last supper, the peach cobbler and the Roaring 20’s..

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