in which I divulge my deepest, darkest secrets

This post has little to do with this blog’s intended topic. Since I’ve made so many new friends here who know very little about me, and since I’ve been nominated twice in quick succession for the Liebster Award, I decided to make an exception in my blog plan and hope that I might meet even more new friends.

Speaking of new friends, I thank Thewitch and Karuna very much for the honor. Please click on their names for some genuine and well written entries on life and love.


So, here are 22 random facts about me. I am currently writing two short stories that will answer the 22 questions they’ve asked me to answer. I will post them, my questions, and my nominations when I’m done.

1. I find it’s easier to be more brave, daring, and open-minded when I travel– traits that don’t come as naturally to me in my every day life, for some reason.

2. I really enjoy learning how other people/animals live. Hence, my favorite tv shows are travel-, culture-, and animal society related (like Meerkat Manor). I figure if I learn about all the possibilities of how to spend my limited time here on earth, I’ll be more likely to spend it more wisely.

3. My favorite childhood memory is of my mother pruning a bush outside my bedroom window the summer I was 11. I couldn’t actually see her, but she was humming and there was a warm breeze carrying her tune to my ears. It’s a moment I’m sure she doesn’t remember, which makes it much more precious and comforting to me. I wrote about it here.

4. I have an irrational fear of expired dairy products and cross-contamination. 

5. My favorite food is peanut butter. Easily. It makes breakfast, elevensies, lunch, dinner, brunch, linner, dessert, and my midnight snack much tastier. The peanut butter/salmonella contamination a couple years back just about erased my faith in mankind (see #5).

Jesse and Frank James in 1872.
Jesse and Frank James in 1872.

6. I’ve pinned my great grandfather two Missouri counties away from, and at the same time as, Jesse James’ shenanigans. This is important because my last name happens to be James. So I have a pretty strong conviction that somewhere along there I am related to him, and am determined to find out for sure. Also, see the last line of random fact #13.

7. I have never mown a lawn in my life thanks to the three tractor fanatics in my family, and my decision as an adult to move to an apartment complex. I have every intention of maintaining that record.

8. I haven’t owned a car in 12 years. I have every intention of maintaining that record as well.

9. I named my cat Daphne after the mythological heroine that outran Apollo because she was always running away from me whenever I wanted to spend time with her. The Daphne from the myth is the reason ancient Olympian winners wore laurel wreaths on their heads. Apollo turned her into a laurel tree when he couldn’t catch her. 


10. My partner* and I named our kitten Link for three reasons: Legend of Zelda; Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp; and the fuzzy, black hairs he has that shoot past the tips of his ears like a lynx’s.


Man, they’re cute.

11. I used to intentionally confuse Star Wars and Star Trek trivia to my friends that are fans just to annoy them. They were/are surprisingly touchy about it.

12. I am very adept at stopping sports conversations dead by apologizing and saying “I’m not even sure which sport you’re talking about.” 85% of the time I say it, it’s true. The other 15% I just don’t want to fake my way through the rest of that conversation.

13. I avoid waiting in lines as much as possible. You know that Seinfeld scene where Elaine is stuck in a dark crowded subway car screaming in her head out of frustration? That’s me waiting in lines. I think it might have something to do with being the youngest of 3 boys.

14. I permed my hair in 8th grade because I wanted to look more like Mike Seaver from Growing Pains & Alan from Head of the Class. I wish I could find that school picture — it’s hilarious. 

Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 4.30.12 PM Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 4.34.25 PM
Mike Seaver (Kirk Cameron) and Alan (Tony O’Dell)

15. I don’t watch fictitiously violent movies. So I haven’t seen most action and horror movies. I just think the world is too violent already, and I don’t enjoy watching the unnecessary generation of more of it.

16. I am the opposite of a pack rat (see #3). If I could get rid of everything I don’t use on a daily basis, I would do it in a heartbeat. 

Pretty much the only way I'd be able to find my car among others.
Pretty much the only way I’d be able to find my car among others.

17. I am virtually incapable of distinguishing one car from another. Not a good thing considering I hail from around the Motor City, where there was a time when neighbors wouldn’t speak to you if you had a foreign car parked in your driveway. My inability also makes finding my rental cars in parking lots virtually impossible. Hence, #9.

18. For the decade I worked in bookstores, I had to fight being a book snob daily. The bookstore chain for which I worked often expected me to recommend books I had never read. I’ve been burned on several occasions when someone wanted to talk about a book I’ve recommended to them and I had to admit that I haven’t read the book because I disliked the author and/or the genre. I realize this doesn’t paint me in a good light. But we all have our faults.

19. I am known for my D-list celebrity knowledge. For instance, I know that Khrystyne Haje and Dan Frischman also starred in Head of the Class with Tony O’Dell (whose picture is above). But I cannot for the life of me explain why my brain sponges up info on that subject instead of, say, consistently remembering my debit card pin.

20. The only place I’ve traveled that I have not fallen in love with is Atlanta. (Sorry, Atlantans!) The cool areas are too spread out. It’s beautiful but not interesting. Also I was reminded repeatedly by natives while I was visiting there that the city has the highest pedestrian death rate in the U.S. See #9.

21. I have always wondered what the big deal was with the sound of nails scratching chalkboards, until someone ripped a bedsheet about a foot from my ear at a set build for a high school play. Then I totally got it. The mere thought of ripping fabric jitters me bones.

Les poissons chef22: My favorite song is Les Poissons from the Little Mermaid soundtrack. All you have to do is ask, and I will sing it all to my fullest ability.

“I pull out what’s inside and I serve it up fried! God, I love little fishies, don’t you?”


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  1. Well done you for doing the 22 in a single swoop!! Excellent facts!! How good would that be to establish a link with Jesse James. Uh oh!! Just know I am going to be doing Cher impressions all day now!! Pass me my spangled bikini!!!

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